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I'm a production nerd who was a classical gal for 14 years. Now for the past 5 years, I've been playing just grooves and bops - check out my solo project at!

Fun fact: Josh and I share a love for our home state of Maryland.

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I'm a Seattle rocker turned jazz enthusiast and have a drive to compose across genres. I really like tie-dye - you'll understand when you see us play live.


Fun fact: Miranda and I have twin degrees from Belmont University.

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I'm a Quebec boy who can insult or compliment you in French (whichever you'd like). I'm always down to groove in any style, any time. Lettuce or Tool would be pretty great, though.

Fun fact: I sell wooden musical spoons. No, really. It's awesome.

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I get separation anxiety with my Carvin.  Allan Holdsworth, Guthrie Govan, and Danny Gatton are my dudes. Been playing for more than 15 years and not stopping anytime soon!

Fun fact: My kayak is forever chilling in my truck. Also, I walk doggos a lot - dachshunds seem to love me.

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 Formed in the summer of 2018 in Nashville, Brain Salad was initiated by bassist Ben Griego, who was committed to  establishing a jazz fusion group that performed complex works by the likes of Hiromi, The Aristocrats, Mike Stern, and Herbie Hancock. Guitarist Joshua Sendish, drummer Felix Munger, and keyboardist Miranda Powell all quickly joined, with the goal of pursuing musical growth in their instruments, writing, and production. Brain Salad is intent upon pushing the limits of musical exploration, developing and honing creativity, and fostering an appreciation of jazz fusion in audiences young and old. in 2020, Brain Salad released their self-titled debut album and were awarded "Best Jazz Group" in the Nashville Industry Music Awards. 

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